A Story about how the library community is making a systemic change for people with special needs

Mikko and Timo-Pekka
The relationship of Espoo City library with other public services caught the attention of Ph.D. Candidate Anna Au at the Athens IFLA conference in 2019. This interest sparked an episode to Anna Au’s podcast ”Between The Stacks” where she discusses different stories from libraries. In this episode, Timopekka Sillantaus from Tapiola library in Espoo tells a story and discusses about Mikko, who has Tourettes syndrome and who found help in the library.

Saala Erlo

Jo melkein vuosikymmenen ajan olen toiminut asiakasoppaana kirjastossa jossa ydintyöni tapahtuu Pajassa. Olen vannoutunut elokuvafriikki, joka lukee aivan liian vähän kirjoja kirjastolaiseksi.

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