Last year was a success for e-materials in our Helmet-libraries. In 2018 people borrowed e-books 26 % more than the year before. This was made possible mainly because of the increasing acquisition in 2018.

Helmet-libraries has now over 14000 e-books for you to borrow and customer addition was 25 %.  Helmet-libraries offer customers several different services for e-books. Customers of Helmet libraries can use several eBooks services. In 2018, a new e-book service, Elib, was launched, with Swedish-language e-books and audiobooks.

E-audiobook lending rose by 118 percent from 2017, with Ellibs in Finland up to 151 percent. There were more audiobooks and more than 1,700 books available at the end of the year, of which 700 are Finnish-speaking.

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Raisa-Hannele Alameri-Sajama

Olen pitkänlinjan kirjastolainen, kirjastopedagogi, jonka sydän sykkii lukemisen tukemiselle kaikin positiivisin keinoin. Nautin kirjoittamisesta, lukemisesta ja kirjakeskusteluista . Jag är en finlandssvensk bibliotekspedagog och en bokmal. I'm a library pedagogue and a bookworm.

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