Espoo City is going to open a new library in Otaniemi, Espoo. Something new is coming and we are wondering are we the first to make it like this?

Espoo Story

Story begins with Espoo Story – in our story City develops services from the viewpoint of needs of its citizens. This viewpoint is in use also when community library services are being developed. Community library service seeks cooperation, common use of spaces, spaces for diverse use, possibility to modify space and service on the fly, flexibility, effectivity, safety and cosiness.

Students in action

When two colleges were combined to use one space in Otaniemi, a new kind of cooperation with the university became possible. But the students thought of others as well. For instance, Kati wrote about age groups meeting in libraries, a place that brings different people and viewpoints together. And an opportunity to bring books close to young people – always a good thing! Original quote here (in Finnish).

The first step towards our new library has officially been taken. Students are going to be the ones who create, even give some of the services to the community. In the autumn there is not going to be a shining wow library but a space in beta mode for the users to make theirs. There is going to be at least one library professional supporting and giving service but most of the time students are in charge. There is a lot of opening hours through more open concept hours as well. More open libraries are being opened more and more in Nordic libraries but also in Anglo-American library service .

Library finding out new with the help of students

Espoo City Library seeks to find together with students and patrons a new way to work with colleges. Elementary school cooperation can be described historical and developing field of library service. Teachers have noted that working together with the library they can have more fore their courses of public speaking skills, art projects, biology seminars, history and Finnish language courses. Students think that giving story telling hours, helping senior citizens in the digital world and facilitate makerspace culture for all is an opportunity they shall not let pass!

Is a library story like this the first ever in the field of modern public library service? Tell us your stories – we would like to hear!


Written with BIG help from Marjukka Peltonen <3 Thank you!





Oili Sivula

Espoon kirjastojen pajapalveluista ja kansainvälisestä toiminnasta vastaava kirjastopalvelupäällikkö. *** Bibliotekstjänstchef som har ansvar för alla makerspace i Esbo stadsbibliotek. Internationellt arbete hör till mig också! *** Library Service Manager responsible for all makerspaces in Espoo City Library. I also look after our intenational guests! *** Руководитель сектора библиотечного обслуживания

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