Espoo city library is the best in the world 

Espoo city library was chosen as the best library in the world at London Book Fair 2019. The Library of The Year 2019 award was presented for the second time. 

The award committee based its choice with the fact that Espoo City Library has open and innovative spaces for everyone, and also offers reading challenges that take into account all age groups. The other finalists were Brasilian Villa Lobos Park Library and Sambian Lubuto Library Partners. 

At the awards ceremony, the audience showed their appreciation that library services have sometimes been appreciated being the 2nd best public service after tap water in Espoo. The master of ceremonies compared the library services alongside the tap water as a vital service. 

Espoo city library considers the award an acknowledgment for the long-term work that has been done in all of Finland’s libraries. The Helmet services (  are an essential part of the customer’s service unit in Espoo. 

The goal of the City of Espoo is to be a pioneer in the development of services. In the city library it has meant brave choices that have sometimes brought conflicting views. The library took among the first in use the more open library, which customers can use even then when the staff is not in place. The concept of the more open library is based on trust and community, and it has doubled the opening hours of the Espoo small library. 


Raisa-Hannele Alameri-Sajama

Olen pitkänlinjan kirjastolainen, kirjastopedagogi, jonka sydän sykkii lukemisen tukemiselle kaikin positiivisin keinoin. Nautin kirjoittamisesta, lukemisesta ja kirjakeskusteluista . Jag är en finlandssvensk bibliotekspedagog och en bokmal. I'm a library pedagogue and a bookworm.

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