We call them Paja but Finns are clever with English language, so calling them a Makerspace is quite alright!

The first one was put up in 2013 for Tapiola Library. Actually, it was a table with very simple 3D- printers. First one and then several more of Mini Factory printers. By the end of the trimester we had built up a very interesting service and a social network around it. We had new library users of all ages.

Today we have 3D-printers Ultimaker 2 and Formlabs Form 2.   The printing materials are PLA and SLA plastic. To print, a 3D-file in STL file format is required. Customers don’t have to be present through the printing process. As you see we have gone far 2019. 3D-printers are used also for school visits and group visits for illustrating possibilities of technology, spatial thinking and creativity.

Nowadays our Makerspaces are the most popular sections in all our libraries big or small. Only our Open libraries do not have Paja. We do all our projects and events together with our library users and many of the great ideas come from them or educational establishments.

Today our library Makerspaces have fine equipment for doing electronics, crafts etc. Check out this! It is one of several in Espoo City Library. Makerspace behind the link has a great project going on: For the first time ever built in library: a humanoid-robot InMoov. We invite everyone to build it with us, learn with us and get to know robotics. There is a lot to do even if you are a pro or a beginner.

Enjoy our joy for Finnish libraries from the video below. Our channel has also introductory videos of our Makerspaces in Youtube,


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Raisa-Hannele Alameri-Sajama

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