No fancy buildings, but making people’s life better


Espoo City Library is a really, really good library. In some things, anyway! And we have a popular Youtube -contribution to prove it.

Our strategy has a new motto: For Compassion. We think that Earth needs more compassion, sustainability and learning. And we want all of us earthlings to do these together. Since we are not intergalactic superpower here, we do our bit of the job the best we can.

Finnish libraries have a long history of cooperation with day care centers, preschools and schools. In Espoo we have excelled in our work with children and young. Check out for example Entresse and Sello libraries to learn more.

We are especially proud of our makerspaces as well!

Welcome to have a look at our social media channels or contact us for questions. We are happy to be of help!

Let’s be honest about it: hustle, hiccup and honor! The triple H stands for creative and challenging service and workplace culture. Sometimes the not-so-planned improvised launches that need to be perfect anyway cost more than they give.

We have begun to improve our services to those who do music. Marketing and content production have not been our strong point even as we have superb individual work plus single hits. Adult literacy and digital citizenship services are taking new forms and immigrant services are badly needed.

To be able to make people’s lives better we need to get better. Are you interested to ponder things together?




Oili Sivula

Espoon kirjastojen pajapalveluista ja kansainvälisestä toiminnasta vastaava kirjastopalvelupäällikkö. *** Bibliotekstjänstchef som har ansvar för alla makerspace i Esbo stadsbibliotek. Internationellt arbete hör till mig också! *** Library Service Manager responsible for all makerspaces in Espoo City Library. I also look after our intenational guests! *** Руководитель сектора библиотечного обслуживания

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