In the beginning, I would like to ask one question “What is the value of libraries nowadays?” ICT and electronic devices have developed rapidly, and it enables us to access information easily. Therefore, the libraries where a lot of information were collected before, need to find new values. Finland has advanced itself in developing libraries and social study spaces. To find some new insights, I used Sello library as my case study where I researched for a week. I found two (2) important things from my study which I feel should be considered when designing future libraries. Later, I wrote an article on my findings in two languages: Japanese and English.

A Customer playing console game in the library

Playing console games in the library

First, the library is a place where all patrons are able to do what they want freely. In Sello library, people are not only reading books but also chatting with friends, enjoying console games, working on the computer and so on. Normally people should be quiet in the library. However, I felt it is changing. Especially Finnish libraries accept chatting with a normal volume of voice and there is a lot of people enjoining reading books and chatting at the same time. Later I asked a librarian “Should they be quiet in the library?” and she answered that “Finnish libraries are like a living room in the city, that’s why it should be placed in such a way that patrons are able to do what they want.” I strongly agree with this answer and I felt it could be a new characteristic of a library.

On the other hand, Finnish libraries also produce equal opportunities for everyone. Sello library has many computers, tablets and console games. In addition, they have 3D printing machines and music studio, and surprisingly everything can be used for free. For example, for some patrons console games are not affordable for personal use in their homes. However, if they go to the library, they can play it and they don’t have to buy such expensive hardware. As libraries provide these opportunities, everyone gets to access everything regardless of their social backgrounds and income. This can also be considered as an added value to the functionality of the library.

By researching in Sello library, I learned that these two (2) things will create future values for libraries all across the globe, and many people will get benefit out of it.

Takashi Nomura

Master degree student at Kansai University



野村 卓史 関西大学 修士学生

まず初めにみなさんにお尋ねしたいことがあります。「近年の図書館の価値とは何だと思いますか?」ICTや電子機器の発達によって簡単に情報を得ることが可能になりました。そのため情報の集積場所だった図書館は新たな価値を見つける必要がありました。そのヒントを探るべく図書館先進国の1つであるフィンランドのSello libraryを訪れ、1週間の調査を行いました。そこで私はこれからの図書館にとって大切になるであろう2つのことを見つけることができました。ここに日本語と英語にて記事を書かせて頂きます。


もう1つは全員に機会の平等性を提供しているという事です。Sello Library は多くのパソコン、タブレット端末コンピューターゲームを所有しているほか、3Dプリンターや音楽スタジオなどもあり、全てを無料で使うことができます。コンピューターゲームを例にあげると、家庭の事情によってゲームを持つことができない場合でも図書館に行けば利用でき、高価なゲーム機を買う必要がなくなります。このように図書館が機会を提供する事によって、利用者は図書館にさえ行けば、社会的背景や収入等に左右されることなく、全てを利用できる機会が与えられています。これもまた図書館の重要かつ新しい価値になるのではないでしょうか。

この2つの事はどこの国の図書館にも新たな価値を築き、多くの人に対して利益をもたらすとSellolibrary から学びました。

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